Top 10 uses of Blue Green Chalcedony as a Gemstone

Belonging to the Quartz family, chalcedony stones are renowned for their healing properties. It is a nurturing stone, capable of promoting brotherhood and goodwill. These stones absorb negative energy and create harmony between the body, mind and spirit. Chalcedony is available in varied colours ranging from white, pink to brown or greyish blue. It has a waxy lustre and is generally translucent or semi-transparent. 

The amazing properties of blue and green chalcedony can help to bring positivity to your life. It is also beneficial for the cure of various physical illnesses. Moreover, the grounding and protective powers of chalcedony can keep bad influences away. 

Blue Green Chalcedony is a popular gemstone with nurturing qualities. Let’s take a look at the top 10 uses of this healing gemstone.

  1. Brings peace and calm: The unique properties of blue green chalcedony helps to bring about a sense of inner calm and peace. It also helps to deal effectively with stress and keep emotions in order. A boost in self-confidence can also be noticed after its regular use. Feelings of love, compassion and reassurance start developing and the stone protects against any negative energy. It also dispels a bad mood and gets rid of depressing feelings. With this powerful gemstone, you will be at peace with yourself and it will create a sense of self-awareness. 
  2. Boosts Innate Energy: Blue green chalcedony has an inherent quality to boost innate energy. It strengthens the throat chakra and the sixth chakra or third eye. As a result, the power of sensitivity and intuition increases significantly. It also enables people to easily understand the feelings of others.
  3. Heals Trauma: People who have gone through traumatic experiences are hugely benefitted with the positive influence of blue green chalcedony. It not only helps to heal the internal wounds, it also provides the power to grow mentally and spiritually. It is often difficult to forget the harsh memories of a particularly difficult incident. Due to its emotional healing properties, this gemstone will help to start off on a fresh note. 
  4. Enables Communication: Verbal communication receives a boost with the use of blue green chalcedony. It is extremely beneficial for people who talk for a living. Politicians, lawyers, counsellors, actors and celebrities rely on this gemstone to improve verbal communication.
  5. Physical Healing Properties: Singers are immensely benefitted with blue green chalcedony. It prevents and soothes sore throats effectively. Throat infections are also cured by the healing properties of this gemstone. Muscle strains and inflammations can be managed with the healing powers of blue green chalcedony. It also promotes the flow of fluids in the body and helps to reduce edema. The effects of hay fever and plant allergies can also be managed with this stone. Patients of psychological illnesses such as obsessive compulsive disorder, Alzheimer’s, bipolar disorder and Asperger’s disease also benefit from the healing properties of blue green chalcedony. 
  6. Creates a Balance Between Body and Mind: The use of blue green chalcedony can create a balance between the body and the mind. It brings harmony in life and helps to bring about positive changes. It allows you to focus only on the important things in life. Even if your circumstances are chaotic or tumultuous, it doesn’t let the inner peace to be destroyed. Moreover, the stone helps to reflect on your true self. You can develop a feeling of honesty and concentrate only on the good things in life. It promotes inner healing and provides room to move forward and grow in life. 
  7. Promotes Spirituality: This stone creates a strong connection with the subconscious. It helps in divine communication and is often believed to enhance the powers of telepathy. It can also assist to repair the energy fields and seal any existing leaks or holes in the energy field. The psychic abilities of an individual develope with the use of blue green chalcedony. It also enhances the capability to reach deep meditative states. 
  8. Emotional Effects: People suffering from irrational fear, anxiety or panic can immensely benefit from this gemstone. It not only helps to calm such emotional patterns, it also creates a sense of calm. As a result, people think about the impact of their words before uttering harsh words or getting into a fight. This self-consciousness goes a long way in promoting harmony and positivity in life. The creative power of blue green chalcedony also helps to boost mental flexibility. Due to its immense power to absorb negative energies, this gemstone relieves tensions. It also restores the balance of energies in your system. 
  9. Brings Wealth: Regular use of blue green chalcedony will promote camaraderie and harmony at the workplace. It not only helps you to finish your task easily, but it also allows you to achieve goals without any hassle. Conflicts at the place of work can be efficiently resolved with this gemstone. It also opens your mind to new ideas and brings about patience and generosity to view the bigger picture. Owing to these positive changes, improvements can be noticed in businesses. It results in greater wealth accumulation and success at work. 
  10. Love and Relationship: The favorable impact of blue green chalcedony is also evident in your relationships. It will open up your heart and work wonders for your relationship. The calming energies of the gemstone will help to release anger and other harmful emotions that affect a relationship. It also acts as a balm on the wounded energy fields, bringing back peace and tranquillity in life. The feelings of understanding and trust also develop between partners, resolving long-standing conflicts in no time

Aquaprase™ is one of the newest entrants in the gemstone market. The translucent bluish-green chalcedony stone is truly unique. Considered a rarest of a rare gem, it can bring about remarkable changes in a person’s life. It is known to offer unexplained tranquillity and inner bliss. Aquaprase, a gemstone with qualities of the earth and sea, represents a balance between the static and kinetic parts of our being. It is ideal for people taking a big leap in life. The rare gemstone is also in great demand in the jewelry industry.