Healing Properties of Turquoise and Cabochon Stone

Often we have heard about stones and its healing properties. However, did you closely observe the nature of a cabochon stone like turquoise

Colour of the stone is not the only thing that appeals to the eyes; there is a deeper meaning of its creation. 

Turquoise stones have metaphysical properties. They are considered highly powerful healing stones that filter ether, the fifth element, into the etheric body. 

They are equally strong with a spiritual attunement, having effective communication properties that help in maintaining a balance between males as well as females. 

The Meaning of Turquoise Cabochon Stone

In the world of crystal healing, turquoise is a popular crystal stone with myriads of meanings. It is generally associated with “protection” on a personal level. Thus, it was also a much sought-after protective shield for our warriors heading out to the battle. 

The bright-hued crystal is prominently placed in the Native American culture. Back during the times of the Anasazi, the Sleeping Beauty Turquoise from Arizona was found. Turquoise beads were even found during the time of the Chaco Canyon Site dated back to the 900 AD or before. In fact, even the people from the Southwest used this stone. 

However, the metaphorical significance of the stone has overshadowed its worth. Persians, Tibetans, and various other ancient cultures considered turquoise as a gemstone that could unite heaven and earth. According to the Apache legend, one would find a turquoise embedded firmly in the earth at the end of a rainbow. Societies that cherish the stone and trade them believe that it is instilled with healing and protective properties. Turquoise has been used as artefacts in the forms of amulets, ceremonial tools, and talismans. 

In the Tibetan culture, the turquoise gem was regarded as sentient. The Tibetans discovered that turquoise had porous properties that absorbed bodily fluids and oils, which led to a change in the colour of the stone. This changing colour indicated the health condition of the wearer. 


Turquoise Heals the Body, Mind, and Soul

The cabochon stone, turquoise, has both healing qualities as well as aesthetic values. Historians are bewildered by the fact that this belief is widespread across nations and cultures.

The New Age followers believe that the healing benefits of turquoise benefit the whole body. It has immense strengths in healing illnesses of the respiratory system, immune system, skeletal system, and kidneys. 

Crystal healers also recommend this powerful cabochon stone for detoxification of poison, pollutants, alcohol, radiation, asthma, infections, dental problems, and high blood pressure. 

When it comes to the mind, crystal healing with turquoise has potential benefits that improve communication. The healing powers of this stone have the ability to make a person more loving, eloquent, honest, and creative. Turquoise healing properties can also improve mental health by increasing positive characteristics such as serenity, empathy, creativity, sensitivity, positive thinking, intuition, and happiness that could lead to a calmer state of mind. 

Keeping a turquoise stone close to the body also purifies the system of negative energy. Wearing the gemstone promotes creativity and problem-solving skills, stabilizes mood and boosts self-realization. It can soothe the mind to the extent that you would never get the feelings of self-sabotage ever. 

Turquoise for the Chakras

Turquoise is associated with the fifth chakra in the body, which is the throat, and the center of serenity, communication, creativity, and spiritual bonding. 

Turquoise is capable of opening the Heart chakra, which gives and receives love. When it is placed on the Third Eye, it also enhances intuition and assists in meditation. 

Turquoise – The Instrument of Purification

Turquoise is often called an instrument of purification. It has varied uses, including the ability to clear negativity and negative energy from the surroundings and counteract the adverse effects of electromagnetic fields from outside. Some healers and practitioners also encourage the use of turquoise for its psychological benefits like mood stabilization and self-realization. It is also powerful to combat day-to-day stress and struggles with anxiety and fears. 

The traditional practice of using stones and crystals for healing practices is largely called “gem therapy.” It is still practiced as folk and alternative medicine, involving different types of gemstones having unique and potent healing properties. 

Turquoise is a largely popular stone and widely used for the same kinds of ailments that had befallen our ancestors. It has been incorporated into meditation, chakra healing, and reiki today – all forms of alternative healing and therapies. With the reputation of having high energy healing properties and tremendous abilities to treat different conditions and maladies, this cabochon stone is the solution to several health problems. 

In fact, turquoise is widely used in the Chinese Feng Shui practice to call for positive energy as a powerful tool for good health and overall well-being. However, there are some rules of placing the gemstone in a room, at a particular position, to make sure the healing energy spreads wide. 

The Geological Aspect of Turquoise

When you talk of turquoise, it is impossible to miss the geological aspect of it. As with most gemstones, turquoise is also forged in the earth. The gemstone is a product of several billion years of universal chemistry. The cabochon stone is a combination of different types of minerals in certain proportions and types, which vary from one region to another. However, it always contains copper, aluminum and phosphorus. Over time, porous cracks form on the gemstone due to mineral deposits, thus causing pools or veins. 

Healing practitioners still have immense faith in the abilities of gemstones, including cabochon stones like turquoise. It is one of the most wonderful stones appearing on this mysterious planet. 

An Arabic proverb says, “A turquoise given by a loving hand carries with it happiness and good fortune.”

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