The Beauty of Chalcedony

Chalcedony stones have fascinated mankind for a long time and a lot of varieties have been discovered so far. An extraordinary and rare gem, it is completely different from all the other gemstones you’ve known so far.

Named after the Greek port city of Chalcedon, the ancient Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks used different varieties of chalcedony stones in carvings and jewelry. They believed these stones could bestow special powers to its holders. The Native American Indians also considered these stones sacred. They used it to promote stability during ceremonial activities. Today, it is preferred by many for meditations and is considered a pathway for successful thought transmissions.

Power of Chalcedony

The nurturing properties of chalcedony stones help to promote goodwill and brotherhood. It can absorb negative energy and creates a harmony between the body, mind, spirit and emotions. It is known to bring about positive feelings of generosity and benevolence. Apart from these, chalcedony eases self-doubt and makes way for enthusiasm and openness.

If you are going through a particularly difficult time, these nurturing stones can be of great help and bring about positive changes in your life. Recurrent nightmares or negative thoughts are also absorbed by chalcedony stones. Its nurturing capabilities are not restricted to mental well being only. It also helps to heal physical problems associated with the eyes, the circulatory system, bones, gallbladder and spleen. Physical energy also increases owing to the positive influence of these stones.

Varieties of Chalcedony Stones

Multiple varieties of chalcedony stones are available. Apart from the generic healing properties of these stones, specific colors can be used for various purposes. A wide variety of chalcedony stones have additional attributes that make a positive change to your life. Blue and green chalcedony stones are extremely popular and it has found many takers.

Apart from these, there are other varieties like Onyx which is a banded or flat layered variety. Bloodstone, Tiger Eye, Carnelian, Agate, Jasper, Chrysoprase, Petrified Wood, Sardonyx, Botswana Agate and Blue Lace Agate are some of the other varieties of chalcedony.

Blue Chalcedony – The Creative Stone

Blue chalcedony stones have a mystical aura that invokes a feeling of stillness and reverence. The soft blue translucent stone is a member of the Quartz family, just like other chalcedony stones. Blue Chalcedony is associated with the Throat Chakra and it is considered a creative stone. It is known to impart verbal dexterity and mental flexibility. The ability to learn new languages also improves significantly with Blue Chalcedony. If you are planning to take up a new course or embark on an educational journey, it will be extremely helpful as it improves memory.

Wearing this stone can also lead to feelings of optimism and light-heartedness. It also improves self-perception. The impact of Blue Chalcedony stones on physical health is also quite impressive. It is beneficial for the immune system, has an anti-inflammatory effect and helps to lower blood pressure. Smokers suffering from problems associated with the respiratory system are also hugely benefited from these healing and nurturing stones.

It is also a great stone for public speakers, lawyers and political speakers who speak for a living. Many believe, wearing this stone around the neck may help to overcome the fear of public speaking or stage fright.

Green Chalcedony – Strengthening the Soul

Green Chalcedony stone is a quartz stone with a beautiful color. It has found many takers and many influential people are fond of this gemstone. It strengthens the soul and increases originality. As a result, it is ideal for people who want to express their talent and uniqueness to the world.

The great healing properties of this stone restore calmness and help to generate new ideas and inspirations to embark on new journeys. It is particularly useful if you wish to show new information and improve your insight.

Since ancient times, green symbolizes the heart and soul. Therefore, it is capable of strengthening your soul and offers protection from evil energy. It also helps to keep your mind healthy and away from any negative influence. You can use this green stone for amulets that help to keep negativity and evil energy away from you.

The unique green color of this chalcedony stone symbolizes the tree. It allows your mind and skills to positively grow like a tree. The mind’s durability and capability also improve due to the effect of green chalcedony. As a result, stress can be effectively managed.

Green Chalcedony also helps to lead a balanced life. As it keeps the mind, body and spirit aligned, it creates the perfect balance in life. Try these amazing stones to feel the generosity and benevolence inside you. The physical healing properties of these gemstones are also quite commendable. It can cure diseases and illnesses associated with bones, eyes, gallbladder, blood and the circulatory system.

How to Use Chalcedony Stones?

In order to get the maximum benefit of these healing stones, you need to have a fair idea about its usage pattern. It must be appropriately used for the most effective results. Wear chalcedony stones to get protection from physical or verbal abuse. You can wear this around the neck to provide courage as well as physical power to fight others. It can also lead to prosperity and good luck. These stones are also useful for success in your career.

The new entrant in the world of gemstones is a bluish-green rock that is considered a super gem and is being traded under the name of ‘Aquaprase™’. The most recent discovery of Aquaprase™ has created a storm in the field of coloured gem stone. The translucent chalcedony Aquaprase™ stone is in buzz demand in the jewellery industry.

The unique properties of Aquaprase™ have made it a truly commendable gemstone. Its metaphysical properties are particularly impressive and this has led to its widespread popularity. Aquaprase™ is known to improve the quality of life and a lot of people benefit from its healing properties. Utilize its nurturing properties to bring about positive changes in your life. Chalcedony stones can also create harmony between your body, mind and feelings.