A Detailed Guide about Cabochon Stone

With the passage of time, the trends change. In the same way, there has been a great change in the patterns, styles, and designs of the jewellery. The gemstones play a major role in the design of the jewellery and influence its appearance. Moreover, the cutting technique of the gemstone has a great impact on jewellery design.

The advancement of technology has given the opportunity to the jewellers to create jewellery faceted gemstones. The facet cutting is suitable for the harder gemstones that are transparent. Before this, cabochon gemstone was the most common option to make beautiful jewellery designs.

What is Cabochon?

A cabochon is a type of cutting technique in which the gemstone is shaped and polished to form a smooth domed top with a flat bottom. Cabochon cutting is an old as well as popular technique. It is an ideal technique for softer species such as onyx, rubies, opals, emeralds, moonstone and many more. Generally, cabochons are oval or circular in shape but you can also get it cut in a different shape.

Tips to Showcase Cabochon Stones in Jewellery

Here are the ways by which you can make your jewellery more precious and beautiful with the cabochon stones

  • Place Them in Bezel Cups: Bezel cups are one of the easy and simple ways to use your cabochon stone. Be it a ring or pendant, bezel cup is the best way to highlight your favourite gemstone without damaging them. Before fitting the stone into the stone, do not forget to oxidise the bezel cups. All you need to do is place the stone into the cup and press it gently. To fix the stone into the cup, you can push the prongs of the cup inside with the help of bezel pusher.
  • Using Seed Beads: If you are not looking for a minimalist cabochon ring design, you can opt for the large piece with the help of seed beads. All you need to do is simply secure cabochon with the seed beads of your choice. It is a great technique to use your favourite stones to create intricate jewellery designs.
  • Wire Wrapping: To make a stylish and attractive jewellery piece, wire wrapping is also a great choice. To secure the gemstone, wrapping the half-round wire around the square wire is an ideal way. You can create pendants as well as drop earrings that feature swirls of your favourite gemstone.
  • Metal Clay Projects: By baking these cabochon stones in the metal clay, you can create avid jewellery designs. It is a creative way to make larger jewellery pieces such as statement rings, chunky bracelets, or impressive neckpiece.

Apart from these, there are many other ways to make the jewellery pieces with these stones. Soldering is also one of the ways to create gorgeous jewellery pieces with your favourite cabochon stone.

Most Popular Choices You Can Select From

Some of the popular gemstones used as cabochons in jewellery are listed below. You can choose one as per your preference.

  • Grey: Moonstone, Agate, Chalcedony, Labradorite
  • Red: Garnet, Jasper, Andesine, Rhodolite
  • Yellow: Citrine, Amber, Sapphire, Tourmaline,
  • Blue-Green: Amazonite, Turquoise, Aquamarine, Chalcedony

Nowadays, blue-green gemstones are the most preferred gemstones. This colour is a great choice to make impressive jewellery pieces. The list of the cabochon stones available in blue-green colour includes

  • Aquamarine: It is a beautiful gemstone that offers several benefits to the wearer. It helps the person to be expressive, brave as well as tolerant. This gemstone emits compassionate energy and accelerates the process of intellectual reasoning of the wearer. It is also known as “stone of courage.”
  • Turquoise: Turquoise is an attractive and porous gemstone. It achieves the blue-green colour with the help of water, aluminium minerals, and copper contents. This stone helps in dissipating external negativity or psychic attack and emanates purifying energy. It helps in enhancing the kindness and trust and assists the wearer in both oral and written communication activities.
  • Amazonite: Amazonite is a dazzling gemstone that comes from the magical combination of lead and water. It helps in calming the soul and soothes the chakras. The best thing about this gemstone is that it helps in releasing toxic emotions and brings the truth as well as clarity to the purpose of life. Moreover, it provides harmony and balances the feminine/masculine energies of the wearer.
  • Chalcedony: This stunning bluish-green gemstone is coloured naturally by the contents of nickel and chromium. It is a new and attractive addition to the trade of gem. It adds positivity to your life and support in making the changes. This powerful stone protects the wearer from the mental as well as physical health issues.
  • Apatite: Apatite is one of the precious and gorgeous gemstones. It provides positive energy to the individuals who obtain this stone. This stone stimulates the intellect to expand knowledge and promotes humanitarian outlook. Apart from the psychological benefits, this precious gemstone provides several health benefits too. It helps in strengthening the muscles and maintaining the blood pressure levels of the high blood pressure people also.
  • Fluorite: Fluorite is an amazing blue-green gemstone that helps in neutralising the negative energy as well as stress. It encourages positivity and increases self-confidence. Along with these, this gemstone boosts the immune system and strengthens bone tissues as well. The best thing about this stone is that it alleviates arthritis as well as spinal injuries.

At Aquaprase™, you can purchase the vibrant variant of chalcedony that is natural as well as untreated rare gemstone. With this gemstone, you would be able to make unique and beautiful jewellery piece.